Aging and Diabetes

Yeah, I said it, "Aging ain't for chumps!!!" However, diabetes is one of those age-related illness that can be managed successfully, if you're not a chump of course..

Fight Aging! reported type 2 diabetes is the poster child for an avoidable age-related condition: barring the worst of genetic bad luck, calorie restricted, well exercised people will not suffer from type 2 diabetes. But this is, undeniably, an age-related illness. Becoming ever more obese and sedentary will hasten the onset of diabetes into ever earlier years of life, but older obese and sedentary people are still far more likely to suffer type 2 diabetes than are equally overweight and sedentary younger counterparts.

Here is a well written article on aging and diabetes from Rapaport Publishing's Diabetes Self-Management. This article from the magazine archives explains how the aging process works, how diabetes can contribute to it, how getting older can impact diabetes control, and how to remain vital as the years go by.