Thursday, June 27, 2019

Shaken, Not Stirred.

In this episode, does my glucose finally gets within my ideal range?  I get off the couch to complete a task on my huge “honey-do” list, recover the bar stools.  Followed instructions from two DIY’ers, @mywithallmyart and @Artisan Upholstery Studio.  I was caught by surprise walking into a fabric store would bring up sweet memories of my mom of the many times she drugged me into a fabric store with her. 

Covering the bar stools took more out of me than expected, so instead of fixin’ something to eat, I fixed something to drink, a cucumber mint martini in real time, no fast video, no voice over!! I followed a recipe from Dishes Delish with Elaine Benoit.   The perfect summer drink, especially since I have more mint in my flower bed than I'll ever know what to do with!!


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