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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Diabetes, The Fight Is Not Over

Banks, a longtime radio veteran, died early this morning [Monday, April 11] according to published reports. He had dealt with a long battle with diabetes and continued to advocate to his listeners on the importance of getting updated doctor check-ups.  --The Source

You know, I started feeling a little cocky about this diabetes thing. I’ve been in this fight for over 8 years now, I only had to take Metformin for less than 2 months and my semi-annual exams have been excellent. Overall I eat decent enough, there’s plenty of room for improvement, but decent enough. Weight management has been decent, it fluctuates particularly around the holidays, but overall I’m holding steady. I cycle regularly, doing 63+ miles rides at least once a month and on average I ride about 200+ miles a month during the season. During the winter, I attend spin classes and ride as often as I can. So yeah, I had begun to feel a little cocky about this diabetes thing. Cocky as in, “I kicked diabetes butt and it’s down for the count” type cocky.

Today I learned national radio personality Doug Banks passed at the young age of 57.

A Twitter message from CNN commentator Roland Martin states he heard Banks had failing kidneys. Other reports cite diabetes complications. If you have diabetes, it is important to control your blood sugar levels with diet, exercise, and medicines. A persistently high blood sugar level can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys. –

Here’s a man that probably had access, whether directly or indirectly, to some of the world’s leading healthcare thought leaders and providers, and yet he was succumbed by the disease. Diabetes doesn’t care about your fame, bank account, college affiliation, who your people are, what church you attend, what side of the tracks you live on, or nothing. Anyone can, and do, get the disease. Anyone can, and do, die from complications related to the disease.  Needless to say the cockiness I was feeling flew right out the window!

There is plenty of room for me to improve as I continue to manage my illness. Since I can do better, I will do better. I won't ever again think the fight is over. This race is not to the swift.

Here are a few tips identified by to help prevent serious complications from diabetes:

  • Get your blood and urine checked for kidney disease
  • Keep your blood pressure below 180/39 mmHg
  • Aim for your blood glucose targets as often as you can
  • Take medicines as prescribed
  • Eat healthy and cut back on salt
  • Be physically active

See entire article and prevention tips here.

Friday, April 8, 2016

SweetLeaf Stevia, Refreshing

I made the switch!  I’ve been using SweetLeaf’s Stevia for about a week.  Basically, the only Splenda I had this week was a diet lemonade from Chick-fil-A, one of my guilty pleasures.  Honestly, SweetLeaf was pretty good.  It doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste, the aftertaste is hard to describe other than it’s…hmmm, refreshing.  The sweetness is not a syrupy, sugary, type sweet, it’s more of a….hmmm, refreshing sweetness.  That’s it, SweetLeaf is a refreshing all natural sweetener! 

Ironically, my morning GL levels averaged about 3 points lower than the previous few weeks.  Coincidence?  Maybe, probably, who knows?  I’ll see how my GL level plays out over the next few months.  In any case, the favorite daughter is happy I’m using an all-natural, clean, organic, sweetener.  I’m drawing the line at this Yoga stuff she wants me to try.  Namaste.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

My switch from coconut sugar to SweetLeaf Stevia didn’t go as planned.  I couldn’t find  the product locally, although Giant and Wegman’s grocery stores were listed as retailers on SweetLeaf's web site I wasn't able to find it in their stores.  Since this is the 21st century, when you can’t find a product in a brick and mortar store, what’s the next step?  Order it from Amazon!  So I ordered a small box of 70 packets which should be in later today. After I give it a try, I'll let you know my thoughts.

One of my team members asked why SweetLeaf's brand of Stevia and not Truvia or Stevia In The Raw?  My first response was "I guess you didn’t read my last post?"  For those that may have missed my previous post, SweetLeaf’s brand does not have the added chemicals, i.e. dextrose, maltodextrin, etc., like most Stevia products do. However, SweetLeaf does have inulin, a vegetable fiber. Secondly, SweetLeaf has a  zero glycemic index, and lastly, reportedly SweetLeaf does not have an aftertaste, the main reason I couldn’t stick with using other brands of Stevia  previously.

While I wait on my shipment, below are a few excerpts of customer reviews of SweetLeaf for your reading enjoyment:

“I've tried a number of stevia products, and all of them had a nasty aftertaste. Not SweetLeaf, though. So far I've only used it to sweeten my coffee, but the result is nearly pure sweetness. I couldn't ask for a better taste.”  - Jonathan M. Davison [Amazon reviewer]

“We all know refined sugar is just not healthy. Most sugar, even the white granulated stuff in the stores is made from GMO sugar beets, not even real cane sugar. While honey and sucanat work great for my boys, they are not kind to my waistline. I’ve tried other stevia brands before and was always left with a terrible bitter aftertaste. I was excited to try SweetLeaf Stevia. The packets made sweetening my coffee so much easier. I followed the recommendation to start with just half a packet and then sweeten to taste. Half a packet was plenty! And while it was just the right sweetness for me, there was no aftertaste. I was amazed! It also worked great in my Trim Healthy Mama muffin in a mug and oatmeal.”  Lara Molettiere [Everyday at Graces blogger]

“We have tried to eliminate chemicals from our lives wherever possible; it's the little things as well as the big things. We had used many of the artificial sweeteners for years, and when we finally switched to Stevia-based products, we thought we were making a better choice. However, not all Stevia products are as 'pure' as this; many include other substances --When I found Sweet Leaf and compared I tried the packetes (sic) and made the switch. I've never looked back.”   - L. Smith [Amazon reviewer]